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Dagashi is cheap snacks loved by the common people of Japan since long ago. In Japan, both children and adults enjoy dagashi, which reminds them of the good old days.
Dagashi come in many different flavors, sweet, spicy, sour, or salty. Out of the hundreds of kinds of dagashi, we carry an assortment of the kinds popular among foreigners.
Find your favorite tastes.
Dagashi used to be sold in traditional stores specializing primarily in Dagashi called “Dagashiya”.
Traditional dagahiyas have been declining rapidly.
However, Dagashi and Dagashiyas have attained more attention in Japanese pop culture with the release of the anime Dagashi Kashi.
The anime covers some of the most popular Dagashi, as well as more obscure kinds.

– Content of products: 75 pcs.
– Expiration date: More than 2-3 months (described in each package)
– Product display language: Japanese
– We do not deal with any of food allergy.(Ingredient labeling is printed in Japanese on each Dagashi package.)
– Made in Japan.

< Contents >

-Many kinds of Umaibo(“Delicious stick” is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack)
-Kabayakisan Taro (Made of a simple dired cod-fish base, with the flavor of grilled eel.)
-Pon Gashi(Puffed rice snack)
-Fugashi(Dried wheat gluten snack)
-Big Katsu(Similar to breaded pork cutlets, but instead of pork it contains shredded fish.)
-Ramune(Sweet candy)
-Chocolate snack
-Chewing gum
-Kyabetsu taro(Balls of corn flavoured with small pieces of nori and Japanese brown sauce.)
-Dondon Yaki

and more.

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