You will receive “Shipping Notification” e-mail, once your order is shipped out.

Shipping fee

We ship by EMS (Express Mail Service) directly from Japan.
Shipping insurance is included in the item price.

Shipping fee


Damaged / Lost / Delayed parcels

If you don’t receive your parcels for a long time, Japan Post will request for review at the post office in your country.
It will take about 2 weeks-2 months.
Claim at your nearest post office in your country with the tracking number.
Get a claim certification report from the post office and contact us from the contact form.
When the claim is approved by Japan Post, we will make an insurance claim for lost/damaged parcels against Japan Post.
When we receive the amount of compensation, we will refund by PayPal.
Please note that the maximum amount of compensation is the item price + shipping fee.



Import tax and restricted items depending on the regulations in your country, import tax may or may not be charged by your customs authorities. Also, some articles might be restricted in your country. Please be aware of that and inform yourself in order to avoid annoyances. Import tax issues are in the sole responsibility of the customer.

Tax payment

If duties have to be paid, you will usually receive a postcard or phone call from the local authorities.
Taxes and duties can be paid at the post office in your country.
*Please note that the payment method may change, depending on the country.