Japanese No.1 Dagashi Snack UMAIBO Mix 150 pcs. Made in Japan


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Product Description

Umaibo-DELICIOUS STICK is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack from Japan.

The wrapper features a cat, Umaemon, whose name is a pun of a popular animated character, Doraemon.
We carry an assortment of the kinds popular among foreigners.

– Total weight: About 2000g (with the box)
– Content of products: 150 pcs.(5 kinds)
– Expiration date: More than 2-3 months (described in each package)
– Product display language: Japanese
– We do not deal with any of food allergy.(Ingredient labeling is printed in Japanese on each Dagashi package.)
– Made in Japan.

It is available in many flavours.

-Corn Potage
-Teriyaki Burger
-Vegetable Salad
-Chicken Curry
-Tonkatsu Sauce
-Shrimp and Mayonnaise
-Salted Beef tongue
-Sugar rusk
and more…

Dagashi is cheap snacks loved by the common people of Japan since long ago. In Japan, both children and adults enjoy dagashi, which reminds them of the good old days.
Dagashi come in many different flavors, sweet, spicy, sour, or salty. Out of the hundreds of kinds of dagashi, we carry an assortment of the kinds popular among foreigners.

-The pictures are samples. Products may vary since they are assortments.
-Customs may also inspect goods prior to delivery, which may cause a delay to the delivery of items.


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