TOKONAMEYAKI Japanese Ceramic Tea Pot Jinshu Touen Seiji Itou No.6 Made in Japan


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We introduce the work of three master hands made with a teapot of the Tokoname-Yaki.
The one is Hakusan Katayama.
Hakusan ceramist is one by all processes.
He makes a traditional work elegantly boldly.
Amongst Tokoname ware tea utensils is the Tokoname teapot, which is vitrified without glazing.
It is said that it absorbs harsh flavors, producing a delicious, mellow tea. You can tell them apart from other teapots by characteristics such as being lighter than they appear, their internal pottery tea strainers, their excellent pouring qualities, and the ease with which they can be held.

This item is handmade by craftsmen in Japan. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.