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Product size(mm): EA: 355, BF284, CF89, DF170 EWeight (g)Ftotal 2778, body 1350, lid 1428 Efull water capacityF4.5 l for cooking: cooking, boiling, steaming, Cook, bake and FRY, and it can be cooked in the single most versatile pan. Good thermal insulation, heat from the cooking pot can be used as. Anhydrous also can do so, available as a substitute for the pot. Cook rainbow is a pot of overspill born out of experience in gas equipment repair services have been involved in 40 years, to prevent. Working Cook hat to drain the extra broth and adjust the pressure pot prevents dispersal of overspill and broth, realized the taste and energy conservation and ease of use. Demonstrate the unique Cook rainbow could not get in a saucepan until now, easy to use. Cook rainbow is a lid, Cook, will demonstrate the various benefits. First first to cap the ladle temperature keep hot, the food delicious. And to boil over, so do not worry about heat escaping the lid open and prevent the waste of energy. Cook is, of course, frying and baking, cooking. It is a style of Cook rainbow . Cook rainbow featuring works by Cook hat patented for the first time in the industry. Drain pressure and steam specialties, by changing the scale, features delicious dishes! Keep constant pressure of the ladle, so reduce the worry about jumping the lid to prevent overspill to disappear the stove dirty stove. You can use with confidence. Pot lid with a special that control the pressure in the steam hole located on the back. Specialties, can be adjusted in 4 stages. For example, the stew slowly, increase pressure to maximize the weight of the lid if the scale is 0 and finish quickly becomes possible. If 3 ticks to boil over, reheating and cooking water and materials easy to wanna fly you can use. Before pops the lid of the pot , with the power of the spring built into the Cook hat boiled and the steam discharged from the Cook hat . Is no fear jumping lid to keep constant temperature and pressure pot so you can use, always safe to. Cook rainbow is a pressure control pot can be used as pot. So you can add seasoning, reacts to a particular location open the lid while cooking in the pressure cooker cannot be. Made less than a pot of stew and rice cooking time raises the pressure of the ladle and hot to hot little firepower we fully so, contributing to energy conservation.

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Body only, With the steamer plate