Edokiriko Rocks Glass Kasane Yarai Lapis lazuli Made in Japan


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This is an Edo kiriko rocks glass with a “Kasane Yarai” motif, one of the representative patterns of the Edo period. “Kasane Yarai” is named after its resemblance to falling arrow-like rain (yarai rain) and intersecting (kasane) bamboos in a bamboo fence. The clean design with its the straight lines is sure to please anyone, regardless of their sex or age! Also, the chrysanthemum flower pattern on the bottom gives this glass a luxurious polish to it. Enjoy a whiskey or a cocktail with this rocks glass made in Edo kiriko style, a craft style that represents Japanese art crafts, which has been designated as traditional handicraft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (authorized by the government), as well as Traditional Crafts of Tokyo by Tokyo Prefecture.

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