A one-off piece Yuzen dyeing Frame (Sparrow and Leaf of a tree) Made in Japan


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This framed picture, entitled “Sparrow and Leaf of a tree”, was lovingly created and dyed by master craftsman of the Tokyo hand painted yuzen school Morikawa, who has shown his designs in various kimono and obi (sash) exhibitions, winning several prizes including the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor’s Prize. This dyed picture, which uses “Itome yuzen”, the technique most representative of kimono dyeing, to depict in fine detail a pair of sparrows, said to be auspicious because they “peck up ill fortune”, and leaves, is truly a work of art! Moreover, the frame, carefully made by hand, adds texture to the “Sparrow and Leaf of a tree” dyed picture, which was created using the Tokyo hand painted yuzen technique, a traditional craft certified both by the Minister of the Economy, Trade and Industry (a national designation) and by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, producing a work which is truly pleasing to the eye.

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