Bamboo Sensu (Folding fan) Stand Made in Japan


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Product Description

This bamboo stand for folding fans is perfect for displaying your favorite fan. It is extremely convenient since it can be used either for hanging on a wall or for standing on a shelf or other surface. Folding fans, originally intended as tools to cool their users, are transformed into beautiful decorations for your room. Recommended for anyone who wants to introduce Japanese taste into their home.

Shipping is available within a week. As these are handmade by craftsmen, please understand that there may be a wait of two to three weeks at times, due to reasons such as a high-volume of incoming orders.

* The center part of is movable
Please note the angle has a limit.

[Material] Bamboo

[Size] Width 14cm x Length 7cm

* Each piece may look slightly different in size or weight of bamboo.

* Each of our products are made-to-order for you, so we do not accept cancellation/returns/exchanges.