Budo Japan Martial Arts DVD Kuroda Tetsuzan Koden Bujutsu Gokui Shinan Series 2


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Movement disappears. It disappears on the way.
Summary of Komagawa kaishin Ryu/ Outline of Logics/Skill practice;Kaiken suburi,Yodare shukashi/Pupils demonstrations / Kuroda demonstration;Yodare sukashi,Kiri age,Metsuke,etc/ Hard to find out the types, techniques of old military arts of Japan. This shows not only a type but also shows how old people found out this art. The hero: Mr. Tetuzan Kurota teach you directly and when you lesson, you can find out many techniques infinity.
Guidance and performance:Tetsuzan Kuroda
Format: DVD NTSC
Region code: All
Language: Japanese
Running time: 60 min.

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