Budo Japan Martial Arts DVD KASHIMA NO HIDACHI Vol.1 SHODEN Basics


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The true essence spirit and techniques as directly transmitted by Master Kunii Zen’ya Somei Inaba, the honorary grand master of Meiji Shrine Shiseikan, mastered Aikido, learned from the Shindo thinker and explored Japanese Martial arts from “both sides of imaginative literature and Martial arts”.Through the beadroll of martial art , “First biography”, “Middle biography” and “Higher grade” edited from the grand master’s coaching and research teaches you the unified art experience of good spirit, technique and physical condition as a martial artist. CONTENTS TAIJUTSU Basics/@SUMO Basics/@JUJUTSU 1 REIKI/JUJUTSU 1 REIKI /@JUJUTSU 2 / @ICHI NO TACHI(KESA GIRI) / KIHON DACHI (5 techniques) / URA DACHI(10 techniques) / JUJUTSU 3 /@Japanese BUDO Directed and realized by Minoru Inaba
Format: DVD NTSC
Region code: All
Language: Japanese Subtitle:English
Running time: 93 min.

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