Budo Japan Martial Arts DVD Aiki Gyoho Aiki Finishing in 90Days Daitoryu The last secret


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Awakening to Aiki with the secret art of Daitoryu. Jujutsu upgrades to Selfdefense. “Aiki Gyoho ” is a secret of the whole secret of Daito style whom Tanomo Saigo of Saigo Tanomo Daitoryu selfdefense, a combination of ascetic practices of the “Old Shinto” and “esoteric Buddhism secret art”, to complete the Secret Art. Awakening to Aiki with this secret art will upgrade Jujutsu to Selfdefense. “Aiki Koho” is the only way to manage freely “Aiki”.
Guidance and performance:Kazuoki Sokawa
Format: DVD NTSC
Region code: All
Language: Japanese
Running time: 40 min.

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